Air Knife Drying Systems

Delivers strong air delivery for complicated product shapes that may be vulnerable to surface damage.

Specifically designed products for removing moisture from difficult areas of bottles.

A can drying system that eliminates any risk of stress corrosion on can lids or bases.

Unique Jet Plate system for enhanced performance and faster product changeover.

Aluminium, stainless steel and modular Air Knives in a range of sizes and configurations.

For drying small and/or light components such as machined parts, food products, etc.

For drying reusable plastic containers, reduce time consuming; better efficiency.

Line speeds up to 100m/min, 0.2 to 65mm product diameter

Line speeds up to1,200m/min 0.2 to 65mm product diameter

For craft and micro-brewery applications.

Fully exposed drying system option for cost-sensitive applications.

A semi-enclosed Eye Level Drying System.

Premium bottle & can drying enclosure.

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