Air Systems

M-Plus Tech provides a variety of products in air delivery systems including stand-alone fans and blowers; air knife systems; bottle and can drying systems; and personnel dedusting units under the brand Air Control Industries (ACI) which offers the very highest quality at a forefront air movement technology. 

Fans and Blowers

Quality Fans and Blowers with innovative design and wide range of air volumes and pressures to meet your needs. For fans and blowers, we provide products of Centrifugal fans, Axial fans, and Side channel blowers.

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Air Knife Drying Systems

Air Knife Drying Systems are blower-driven solutions that focus on removing surface liquids, improve production efficiencies, and reduce operating costs significantly.

We offer a wide range of bottle, can and container drying systems, cable and crates dryer, and also Air Knife components.

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Personal Cleaning Equipments

The JetBlack™ Safety product line provides an easy-to-use alternative to compressed air, allowing organisations and users to de-dust and clean down operations in a safer solution.

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