Jet Plates


Unique Jet Plate system for enhanced performance and faster product changeover.


Jet Plates

JetPlates are designed to improve the efficiency of how blower-driven air is delivered to conveyed products such as PET and Glass Bottles.

Main features

  • When compared to Air Knives, JetPlates are able to deliver twice the volume of high pressure air over product
  • The conveyor guide rail is replaced by the JetPlate. This allows air to be delivered within millimeters of the product
  • The JetPlate slot design enables moisture to be directed both downwards and away from the conveyor line, thereby preventing any water recontamination
  • The installation of JetPlates simplifies the installation, maintenance and operation processes
  • JetPlates require no pitch adjustment to achieve optimum drying performance
  • JetPlates can be combined with other ACI Air Delivery Devices
  • Different faceplates are available to cater for jars, unsteady bottles as well as an array of traditional bottle & can heights & widths.

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