Fully Enclosed


Premium bottle & can drying enclosure.


Fully Enclosed

‘LNL’ (Low Noise Level) Drying System

ACI’s premium drying system whereby the centrifugal blower and the air delivery device(s) are housed within a robust stainless steel enclosure.The LNL design protects the centrifugal blower from any water-spray contamination as well as containing noise emissions.

ACI offers a number of different options for the ‘LNL’ configuration, all of which depend on the air delivery devices that have been recommended for your application and the space available.

  • “MINI” LNL
    986mm (long) x 1011mm (wide) Integrated blower (2.2kW 5MS11 Multi Stage Blower)

    1676mm (long) x 1048mm (wide) Integrated blower (5.5-15.0kW EP10A Compact Blower)

  • “XL” LNL
    2945mm (long) x 980mm (wide) Integrated blower (5.5-15.0kW EP10A Compact Blower)



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