M-Plus Tech provides quality and most flexible solution of conveyors

and other imported products which can be customized for every industry.

M-Plus Tech Co.,Ltd.
Importer and distributor of industrial products

M-plus tech has more than 15 years of experience in importing and distributing products for  food  beverage and other industries, including conveyors and components, motors, auto-lubricants, bottle drying machines, metal detector machines, checkweigher machines, barcode printers, labelling machines, packaging machines and more.

Our company aims to offer the highest quality products from various partners together with advice from our experienced and specialist team in order to maximize our customers' satisfaction.

Why Choose us


Deliver the best
industrial products

We match our clients’ business needs with the best products from our partners.


One-stop services

We provide advice and other services from our experience and expertise.


Areas we serve

We serve many industries and also provide services that cover much of the area in Thailand.

Our Products

Conveyors and Components

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Power Transmissions

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Lubrication Systems

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Engineering Plastics

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Air Systems

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Inspection Systems

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Printing and Labelling

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We only provide our customers 

with the best solutions.

An industrial conveyor can help increase your production efficiency and reduce your production costs with its speed and accuracy. While at the same time, can maintain both safety and quality standards, and can be designed  to meet your business needs.

Hygienic Conveyor Belts 
Some of Mafdel belts also benefit from an antimicrobial treatment in the polymer that prevents bacterial growth, guaranteeing optimum hygiene.

Dry Running Material Belts 
Regina e-fast is a dry running material belt which has low-friction, and they can work without the use of lubricants.

Highlight Products

are manufactured to operate in “ lube-free” applications

For two-color printing

For craft and micro-brewery applications.

The S.25 is a range of 25 mm pitch belts designed for light to medium transport.

News and Activities

A trade exhibition of Processing & Packaging for food, drink, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and consumer products

Positive drive belts combine the benefits of modular belts and mono-material conveyor belts without the drawbacks of hygiene issues

The unit is set to reduce costs, improve drying speeds, and gives you the opportunity to add aseptic cartons to their drinks packaging range.

Our Partners

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