RA Radius Belt


Constructed of cross rods with chain links on both sides.


RA Radius Belt

The RA radius belt is a highly usable conveyor belt. The belt has been designed for a great many applications, constructions and process conditions.

The belt is eminently suitable for cooling or freezing products such as snacks, bread, pastry, vegetables, potatoes, fish and meat, as well as for blanching vegetables or proofing dough.

The RA radius belt is constructed of cross rods with chain links on both sides and is used in radius systems, spiral towers as well as in curved and straight conveyors.

RA radius belts are used in production processes with temperatures of -196ºC to +275ºC, for example:

  • Spiral and straight cooling systems
  • Special cryogenic freezing systems
  • Spiral proofing towers
  • Spiral and straight freezing systems
  • Drying installations
  • Product lifting conveyors
  • Baking systems
  • Pasteurising systems


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