Food Industries

Made of thin round wires with an eyelet on both sides.

A balanced woven belt with left and right hand wound spirals, connected by crimped cross wires.

Constructed of cross rods with chain links on both sides.

Constructed of cross rods linked together with S-hooks, side chains or special links.

Constructed of cross rods and a flat metal strip and is positively driven by sprockets.

Lightweight single layer construction and are positively driven by sprockets.

Extremely precise transport and synchronous drive.

Self-centering positive drive belt.

The perfect hygienic alternative to modular belts.

Mono-material belts are impermeable and rot-resistant.

A range of 25 and 50 mm pitch belts going in J-curves and S-curves.

The S. 75 series is a range of 75 mm pitch belts designed for super-heavy transport.

The S.50 series is a range of 50 mm belts designed for medium to heavy transport

The S.25 is a range of 25 mm pitch belts designed for light to medium transport.

A true MINI PITCH with a 12.5 mm designed for light transport applications.

A true MICROPITCH with a pitch of 6.25 mm and is thus the smallest pitch in the market.

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