Positive drive food-grade conveyor belts


An introduction to Positive drive belts

Mafdel’s positive drive food-grade conveyor belts combine the benefits of modular belts and mono-material conveyor belts without the drawbacks of hygiene issues:

  • CE – FDA food-grade compliance
  • Mono-material is waterproof and rot-proof
  • Easy and quick to clean
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Decreased risk of bacterial growth
  • No fabric threads eliminate the risk of product contamination
  • Simple conveyor design means better hygiene

Positive drive belts offer many advantages

Modular BeltMono-Material Conveyor BeltPositive Drive Belt
Hygiene and ability to clean++
Flexibility and resistance to impact++
Decrease in water consumption and detergent products++
No slippage++
Reduced belt weight++
Conveyor without tensioning system++
Reduced effort++
Continuous cleaning with a scraper++
Trough configuration++

These belts are especially suited to the agri-food industry and help provide an optimum level of hygiene to satisfy the HACCP process (Hazard Analysis Control Point) and are compliant with the most stringent international standards.


The perfect hygienic alternative to modular belts.


Self-centering positive drive belt.


Extremely precise transport and synchronous drive.

Source :  https://www.mafdel-belts.com/ 

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