Print and apply labelling machine for industry


ALTech ALcode 

Print and apply labelling machine for industry

Print & apply labelling machine for self-adhesive labels; can be interfaced with a computer and are able to apply the printed labels to either stationary or moving products.

ALcode represents the cutting edge in label print and apply technology, and is distinguished in the field amongst its peers for its extreme robustness, great versatility, and incredible performance.

ALcode can be equipped with a huge array of different application devices. 

  • Air-blow applicator, with or without piston, for non-contact labelling of moving products
  • Tamp applicator, สำหรับการติดฉลากผลิตภัณฑ์เครื่องเขียนต่างๆ
  • Swinging roller applicator for contact labelling of products moving at high speed
  • Multi-format swinging-plate application system, for contact labelling of moving products, including those with different label sizes
  • Rotary arm applicator for front/back and/or corner labelling of both stationary and moving products.



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