DELPHI AT self-braking motors


Self-braking motors use one or 2 spring-pressure brakes


DELPHI AT self-braking motors
self-braking motors use one or 2 spring-pressure brakes

Delphi ATDC, AT24, ATTD and ATTD24 series selfbraking motors use one or 2 spring-pressure brakes, firmly spliced onto a cast iron shield at the back of the motor.

These motors include a series of characteristics normally considered options by other brands, like:

  • The standard hand lever permits to release the brake, making it possible to move manually,
  • The PTO thermal protectors in the winding are a standard up to size 132. PTC are a standard from size 160 and up
  • Easy separate connection of the brake in case that the motor is connected to an inverter.

On ATDC and ATTD, the separate brake power supply is achieved, whenever needed, by connecting directly to the brake terminal board located inside the motor terminal box. On AT24 and ATTD24, the 24Vdc single or double brakes are designed to be directly connected to an inverter (usually having a 24Vdc plug)




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